How to Get Hired

There are how easy it will be to get hired and at what salary you will be paid. The following things play a role in determining your pharmacy technician opportunities:

Education Level – Having a higher level of education may make you a more attractive job candidate, help you advance quicker, and help you boost your pharmacy technician salary.

Certification – Depending on your employer, pharmacy technician certification may trump education level in qualifying you for a higher pharmacy tech salary. Certification assures employers that your skills and knowledge meet high standards for professional practice in the field, and your pharmacy technician salary will likely reflect this.

Geographic Location – Where you live plays a part in determining your pharmacy tech salary. Employers in your area may pay more or less than the average salary for a pharmacy technician due to the local economy and the cost of living in your city or town.

Type of Employer – If you work at a hospital or a large retail chain, they are often able to pay larger pharmacy technician salaries than smaller independent pharmacies.